Chore Services

The Chore Services Department at 50 North supports the independence of older adults by providing safe, high quality services. Chore Services are available to all Hancock County homeowners, age 50+, regardless of income. Homeowners pay for all supplies or building materials needed for service and are billed at an hourly rate for labor. Participants of the snow removal and lawn services will be chosen by a lottery.

Financial Assistance is available for chore services and are determined by a sliding fee scale based on family size and income. Applications can be picked up at the reception desk or downloaded here. For more information regarding Financial Assistance, contact the Outreach Department.

Services are on a first come first serve basis and as scheduling allows with the exception of lawn mowing or snow removal. “50 North reserves the right to inspect and/or assess potential chore services. If it is determined that the work is beyond the scope of what the 50 North staff can complete, you will be given options for assistance.”

The following is a general list of chores that can be performed for homeowners:

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Fixing leaking pipes, faucets, clearing clogged drains

Replacing broken toilets and sinks


Replacing broken switches, sockets and fixtures

Installing smoke detectors, lights and ceiling fans


Rebuilding broken steps

Repairing rotted and unsafe porches

Installing locks and deadbolts

Disability Access

Installing grab bars and handrails

Constructing wheelchair ramps (according to State of Ohio ramp guidlelines)


Carpet cleaning

Woodwork cleaning/repairing

Winterizing doors and windows

Removing and storing items

Seasonal Services

Cleaning debris around the house

Maintaining foliage around the house

Washing windows inside/outside (single story only)

Cleaning gutters

Maintaining windows (paint and caulk)

Maintaining front/rear entryways (paint and caulk)

50 North offers lawn mowing which is a paid service and uses a lottery system. If you desire to have your name placed in the lottery, fill out the form to the right and submit it to 50 North by Saturday, February 29th. On Monday, March 2, 2020 at 9:00am, a public drawing will be held at 50 North. Anyone wishing to attend the lottery drawing is invited. After the drawing, all seniors who placed their name in the lottery will be notified by letter.

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This general liability release form is intended to cover any and all services provided by a 50 North employee as a result of requesting said services. This includes, but is not limited to lawn mowing services, snow removal services, housekeeping, trimming, weed control, pressure washing, yard work, electrical repairs, plumbing repairs, and all other services not listed that is provided by a 50 North employee. I agree and understand that the agency assumes no liability for loss or damage to my person or property in the performance of said services. The client signature below hereby releases 50 North, its directors, officers and employees from any liability arising from work performed. I further understand that 50 North does not claim to be a professional contractor and that this service is provided for those in need of assistance. I acknowledge that I have read and understand these terms and further authorize this service to be provided to me.