Outreach Services

Malcom “Gene” Acocks

“I golf at least once a week with my 3 sons and I visit many friends in nursing homes on a daily basis. I also keep fit by coming to 50 North 5 times a week to work out. I do up to 30 minutes of cardio, I use 5lb. weights and some of the machines to keep my body strength up. You’re never too old to work out. Come Join us!” He also enjoys lunch in our Café.

50 North outreach case managers are a valuable resource for seniors and their caregivers. Our licensed social workers are often the “first contact” for those that are in need of information, referrals and/or advocacy. Some of the resources include the following:

Needs assessments help us identify what services, resources or assistance programs are most needed by the seniors or caregiver.

Assistance in accessing services, resources or assistance to seniors and their caregivers. This may include help with paperwork, scheduling, telephone serving as a liaison and otherwise advocating for senior welfare.

Transportation assistance/coordination for medical or other critical needs.

Caregivers training are offered periodically to assist caregivers in connecting with a variety of resources to support them in caring for aging family or friends. For more information, contact Tammie or Amy at 419-423-8496.

In-home counseling services offered in partnership with Century Health helps seniors cope with the emotional aspects of the changes and challenges of aging.

Pharmaceutical Assistance Counseling to help connect seniors with the appropriate program(s) to ensure that they receive the medications they need

50 North outreach case managers are a valuable resource for seniors and their caregivers. Our licensed social workers are often the “first contact” for those that are in need of information, referrals, and/or advocacy. Some of the resources include the following:

Equipment Loan program
HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program-Applications are available)
Caregiver Support
Transportation assistance in collaboration with HATS
Information Resource
In-home counseling through Century Health
Referral Assistance
OSHIIP (Ohio Senior Health Insurance Information Program is a division of the Ohio Department of Insurance and is the state’s official resource for Medicare information and enrollment assistance)

Outreach Case Managers conduct home visits, refer individuals to other agencies, assist with Medicare and Medicaid, assist with insurance questions and more.

Our Outreach Case Managers assist with Medicare and Medicaid questions through participation in OSHIIP (Ohio Senior Health Insurance Information Program). OSHIIP is a division of the Ohio Department of Insurance and is the state’s official resource for Medicare information and enrollment assistance. You can reach OSHIIP at 1-800-686-1578 and by visiting
In partnership with HATS, Hancock County seniors who are 50+ are eligible to receive up to 4 Farebuck tickets per month. 1 Farebuck ticket is equilivant to 1 one way trip within the city. Farebuck tickets can be used in combination for residents outside of the city limits. Tickets will need to be obtained at the organization or at a home visit. Tickets will not be mailed. Hancock County residents wishing to utilize Out of County Transportation should contact the Transportation Call Center/Find A Ride at the Area Agency on Aging 3 (AAA3) office in Lima at 1-800-653-7723. The Transportation call center is staffed by registered nurses and licensed social workers who provide free assessments of community transportation options for anyone who calls. The Find A Ride program sets up and pays for trips for eligible individuals who have no community options available to meet their transportation needs. If Area Agency on Aging 3 in Lima is unable to assist with out of county transportation, contact 50 North to assist with a trip for medical purposes.
The Home Energy Assistance Program is funded by the Ohio Department of Development provides credits for low income Ohioans to help pay their winter heating bills. Our Outreach staff will assist seniors (age 60+) in determining whether they qualify for this assistance.
Financial Assistance is available for the following services: Chores, Senior Café, Mobile Meals, Snow Removal, Lawn Mowing and the Fitness Center, for those whose income falls below a certain level. For more information regarding these scholarships or how to apply for one, please contact our Outreach Department at 419-423-8496 for assistance. Scholarship application click here.
Ohio Area Agency on Aging 3 in Lima Nutrition Programs

Senior Dining Program

This program is brought to you by the Area Agency on Aging 3 in Lima and funded by the Older Americans Act through the Ohio Department of Aging. The purpose of the Senior Dining Program (SDP) is to promote health, to reduce risk of malnutrition, to improve nutritional status, to reduce social isolation, and to link older adults to community services. The SDP allows eligible participants to receive monthly certificates to redeem for an approved meal at a participating restaurant in the community. The SDP is available in Allen, Hancock, Putnam, and Van Wert counties.

Anyone who is 60 years of age or older and resides in Allen, Hancock, Putnam, and Van Wert counties can apply for the program. Because the program is very popular and the funding is not unlimited, applications are prioritized based on several factors: age, income, minority status, living alone, nutrition risk score, etc. Since there is always a waiting list, names are pulled from the waiting list as participants go off the program.

Annual enrollment happens each year in January. Applications can be
picked up from the Allen County Council on Aging, 50 North, Putnam County Council on Aging, Van Wert County
Council on Aging, and at the Area Agency on Aging 3 in Lima but
completed applications must be mailed in to our office. Applications
will also be mailed to those on the program at the end of December and
those on the waiting list at that time for the annual enrollment. It is not
a first come, first serve and everyone must reapply in January to be
considered for the new program year which starts in March of each
year. Applications are accepted January through September each year.

How the Program Works

Each program year starts in March.

SDP Certificates are mailed out to participants on the last day of the previous month and they expire on the 5th day of the next month.

Participants will receive 4 certificates each month.

The participant’s name and special bar code will be on the certificate and a listing of the restaurants is on the back.

Certificates can only be used by the person whose name is on the certificate.

Restaurants are encouraged to ask for ID if there is a question and can refuse service if necessary.

The certificate must be signed by the person redeeming it and the meal redeemed circled when given to the restaurant personnel.

The meal must be chosen from the SDP menu and must be eaten at the restaurant.

Participants are asked to give a donation to the program monthly when they receive their certificates.

Tips are left up to the participant.

The Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program

The Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) is found in 44 of Ohio’s 88 counties. It is funded by the US Department of Agriculture. Eligible individuals receive $50 of $ coupons to redeem for fresh produce and honey at participating farmers markets and farm stands. Eligibility: Age 60 or older and meet income guidelines of 185% or less of poverty level.

Where can I use my SFMNP Coupons?
There is a list of participating farmers, their stands and the farm markets that have farmers available. The list has addresses, dates, and times that the stands will be open.

Do the coupons expire?
Yes! There are 5 -$5 coupons that expire on July 31st and must be used by then. The other 5-$5 coupons expire on October 20th . You can use all of you coupons by July but you cannot use the July 31st coupons after July 31st.

Is it important that I use all my coupons?
Yes! The USDA provides this funding for seniors to eat fresh local produce and for local farmers to increase business. Funding for the following year depends on the redemption rate of the precious year. Please use all coupons before October 20th!

Do I get change if I don’t spend in exact $5 amounts?
No. No change will be given. So it is important that work with the farmers to get as much produce as the $5 amounts will allow. Farmers will be helpful if you just ask.

Can I use my all my coupons at one time?
Sure! If you want to make jam or can veggies, by all means use all $50. If you choose to use a little at a time, that is fine too. Just be sure to use all your coupons!

Why did some of the roadside stands close in August?
Many stands do close at the end of August. Depending on what they grow – the end of August is the end of the growing season. Also, many farmers employ college students and when they go back to school the stands have to close. Please check the farmers list and use your coupons. Variety starts to decrease in October, but many apples are available. Know what you want and make a plan to redeem all your coupons before the expiration dates.

How do I know when my favorite produce is in season?
Please see the back of this sheet for a list of produce and when they are usually available. Depending on the weather, foods may be available sooner or later in a season.

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The Equipment Loan Program is available to seniors who are in need of medical equipment temporarily. The medical equipment that is available to seniors includes the following: canes, crutches, shower chairs, transfer benches, walkers, wheelchairs, etc. Medical equipment is available for loan on a first come, first serve basis. Seniors or their representative will need to contact 50 North to reserve a piece of equipment, schedule a time for pick-up and sign the required liability form for equipment usage.
This program is designed to spread holiday cheer to seniors who may be lonely and may not have much to look forward to under the Christmas tree. The Santa 4 Senior program was begun to spread some holiday cheer to these individuals. If you would like to donate to the Santa 4 seniors program checks should be made out to “50 North” with “Santa 4 Seniors” on the memo line. Your donation may be tax deductible. Any questions regarding the Santa 4 Seniors program may be directed to Tammie at 419-423-8496.
Century Health is a private, non-profit, mental health and substance abuse outpatient clinic and offer a wide continuum of services including individual and group counseling, psychiatry, employee assistance programs, crisis intervention, case management and peer support. Century Health holds CARF accreditations in the following: Outpatient Treatment, Crisis Intervention, Case Management / Service Coordination, and Assertive Community Treatment. For more information visit the Century Health website at www.centuryhealth.net
Outreach Case Managers conduct home visits, refer individuals to other agencies, assist with Medicare and Medicaid, assist with insurance questions and more.
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Support Groups


Parkinson’s Support Group
Hancock County—3rd Monday 1:15pm
50 North  339 E. Melrose Ave
Francie Kasmarek 419-423-8496

Parkinson’s Caregivers Support Group
Bob Evans on Tiffin Ave.
1st Monday of the month at 11:30am
Carol Hassan 419-423-1486

The following caregiver groups are sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Assoc., NW Ohio Chapter. These caregiver groups are free and open to the public. Registration is not required.

Birchaven Retirement Village
15100 Birchaven Lane, in The Hub.
Last Friday of every month at 9:00 am.

Birchaven Condo Club House
7113 Eastern Woods Parkway
2nd Wednesday of every month at 6:30 pm.
Respite care is available. Please call 419-425-5409 at least 24 hours in advance.

Frontotemporal Dementia Support Group
St. Andrew United Methodist Church, 120 West Sandusky St. 2nd Monday of every month from 6:30-8:00 pm. Please park in the Crawford Street lot and use the Cory Street side entrance

For Men Only Support Group
First Lutheran Church, 109 E. Lincoln Street
3rd Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm.

Living Through Loss
An educational group for those who have suffered a loss due to death. There is a different presentation each month and after each program a group discussion. Series will run October-May.

Grief Reflections Groups
Several new groups that focus on the physical, mental, social and emotional aspects of grief will be offered at various times throughout the year. Groups include: Writing Through Grief, Loss, Grief, & Healing Book Club, Grief in Motion, Creative arts Expression Group, Forever Memories. Contact Bridge Hospice at 419-423-5351 for details on dates, times and locations

Individuals with early stage memory loss, with their families and friends are invited to attend these programs for social and educational opportunities and group sharing. Persons who are experiencing forgetfulness, mild confusion, or difficulty finding the right words are most likely to benefit. Registration is requested. Call 1-800-272-3900 for more information or to register. The Family Center, 1800 North Blanchard Street Room 119